The museum is pleased to announce the newest members of its National Council – a group of distinguished individuals who are champions of the work of museum, past, present and future.

The National Council, whose first 32 members were announced in November 2018, continues to grow. These individuals from across Canada and beyond, are lending their names in support of the museum’s ambitious agenda of reinvention and relocation, and serving as special advisors.

“The impulse to create a National Council was to broaden the museum’s circle of advisors and to extend and enrich its geographic, disciplinary and cultural reach. Several months into the building process, I’m delighted with the new hearts and minds who have joined the conversations about the collection, about the new museum, about building our membership, about the canoe as a vessel of reconciliation, about cool canoe stuff happening across the country, fundraising and much else.”

— Dr. James Raffan, Director of External Relations —

The following are the newest National Council members. Further information on these individuals and a full list of members can be found here.

Tom Andrews & Ingrid Kritsch, Archaeologists and Anthropologists – Northwest Territories
Meredith Brown, Founding Ottawa Riverkeeper (retired), Biologist, Community Builder – Québec
Barb Cameron, Paddler, Musher, Educator and Former Director, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre – Northwest Territories
Robert Comeau, Student at Law, Qajaq Builder, Inuit Social and Cultural Historian – Nunavut
Chuck Commanda, Bark Canoe Builder and Culturalist – Ontario
Claude Cousineau, Professor of Recreation and Co-Founder, National Canoe Schools and Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association – Ontario
Norm Crerar, Paddler, Community Builder, Captain of winning Manitoba canoe in the Centennial Voyageur Pageant – British Columbia
Jessica Dunkin, Social Historian, Author, Director, On the Land Programs, NWT Recreation & Parks Association – Northwest Territories
Charlotte Gray, Author and Historian – Ontario
Patrick Henry, Paddler, President and Founder, Canadian Canoe Foundation, Executive Director, NatureServe Canada – Québec
Bruce & Vicki Heyman, Former US Ambassador to Canada, Cultural Envoys, Paddlers – Illinois
Ed Hill, Paddler, Community Builder and Founder, Pulling Together – British Columbia
Genesee Keevil, Journalist, Wilderness Guide, Musician – Yukon Territory
Bobbi Rose Koe, Teetl’it Gwich’in, Emerging Leader, Community Builder, Paddler, Wilderness Guide, Environmental Activist – Northern Canada
Jocelyn Palm, Director, Glen Bernard Camp, President, Near North Enviro-Education Centre – Ontario
Michael Peake, Photographer and Editor – Ontario
Michael Robinson, Anthropologist, Writer and Past CEO of the Bill Reid Foundation, the Glenbow Museum and the Arctic Institute of North America – British Columbia
Candace Savage, Writer and Naturalist – Saskatchewan
Wally Schaber, Founder of Black Feather Wilderness Adventures, Co-Founder, Trailhead, Paddler, Outfitter, Historian – Québec
Mindy Willett, Author, Educator, Paddler, Social Studies Curriculum Planner (GNWT) – Northwest Territories
John B. Zoe, Negotiator, Mentor, Paddler, Senior Advisor, Tłįchǫ Ndek’àowo (Tłįchǫ Government) – Northwest Territories