Virtual Tours for Seniors

Beginning in October 2020, we are offering live virtual tours of the museum for seniors (age 65+) in Peterborough City and County!

With the intention of fostering community and offsetting some of the isolation that many are experiencing during COVID19, we will virtually “visit” seniors’ residences, retirement communities, and long-term care facilities throughout Peterborough City and County, as well as provide virtual tour dates for individual seniors not in care. Thanks to support from the United Way of Peterborough and the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 Emergency Community Support Fund, we are able to offer these virtual tours at no cost to participants.

Please contact [email protected] if you would like more information, or to arrange a virtual tour for your residence or long-term care facility.

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Not a senior or not a resident of Peterborough City or County? Be sure to check out our public virtual tours

Bark, Skin and Cedar: Live Virtual Tour of the Origins Gallery


Where do the canoes and kayaks we see on every waterway today come from? Join our staff for a lively tour exploring the original North American Indigenous watercraft traditions – the dugouts carved from a single giant cedar, the inimitable birchbark canoes, and kayaks made from sealskin and driftwood.  With close-up building demos, unique artifacts, and lots of opportunities for Q&A, this virtual visit offers a uniquely intimate and interactive experience of our world-class collection.


Coming soon: 

  • Paddles Around the World: Live Virtual tour
  • Fur Trade Travels and Tales: Live Virtual Tour 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do virtual tours work?

Our staff tour guides will use a video conferencing platform such as Skype or Zoom to connect live from the Museum’s Galleries to your device. We send you a link and you join — no need to download anything.  

For our “visits” to long-term care facilities or retirement homes, we expect that you will gather residents (according to current public health guidelines), and that we’ll connect to the group as a whole. We can help facilitate your tech setup if this is new to you!

For our virtual tours for seniors living independently, we will provide a Zoom link for participants to connect from their individual devices.

When are virtual tours available?

Our virtual tours to retirement homes and long-term care facilities are available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. at the time of your choice, dependent on availability.

Our virtual tour dates for seniors living independently will be scheduled soon. Please sign up here if you’d like to receive a notification when reservations open. 

What platform do your virtual tours use?

We use Zoom by default, but if you’d prefer a different platform we can almost certainly accommodate it. Let us know what’s best for your facility. 

How long are the virtual tours?

30-50 minutes depending on the needs of your group.

Do I have to be a senior to have a virtual tour?

Yes. Our current funding from the United Way supports virtual tours for seniors in care or living independently in Peterborough and County. We are working on virtual tour options for the general public!  To get news of their availability, please sign up here

Is there a fee for the Virtual Tours for Seniors?

No. Thanks to funding from the United Way of Peterborough and the Government of Canada’s COVID-10 Emergency Community Support Fund, we are offering virtual tours for seniors in and out of care in Peterborough County at no cost to participants.

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