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A Project That Sparked A National Conversation

Although Connected by Canoe began as a one-time event, The Canadian Canoe Museum is hoping others will pick up on the idea.

Connected by Canoe began as a way to share a message; the canoe is not only an important part of Canada’s past but also our present and future. The canoe has many lessons to teach us, such as “we’re all in the same boat” and “by pulling together,” Canadians of all backgrounds, regions and beliefs can build an equitable sustainable and inclusive future for Canada.

The journey began as a way to bring greetings from The Canadian Canoe Museum to attendees at the annual Community Foundations of Canada conference in Ottawa. The project was so impactful to participants and community members that we’re exploring and hoping others will pick up the idea and take on their own projects of discovery under the Connected by Canoe banner.

For a full recap of the journey we published a multi-part blog series: Prelude to the JourneyPart 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4Photo Blog.

Watch the feature film created by Goh Iromoto below:

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Can a canoe journey be a workable floating forum for bringing Canadians together?

Our Connected by Canoe journey is but one of many initiatives using the canoe as a vessel for community building, environmental stewardship, reconciliation and conversations about Canada past, present and future.

There’s a lot of opportunities to get involved in ongoing projects and upcoming events or find inspiration to start one in your own community.

Join the conversation! #ConnectedbyCanoe

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Connected by Canoe – Pilot Project. A floating conversation from Kingston to Ottawa

A sesquicentennial project of The Canadian Canoe Museum and Community Foundations of Canada in partnership with the Ottawa Community Foundation, Parks Canada & community organizations along the of the route from Kingston to Ottawa for connected by canoe journey

The Connected by Canoe Journey was a two-part canoe trip from Kingston to Ottawa that carried with it a message about the on-going importance and possibilities of canoes for community building in Canada’s continuing evolution as a nation and helped to welcome delegates to the Community Foundation of Canada annual gathering in Ottawa.

Imagine a floating conversation amongst a group of people from a variety of backgrounds as they paddled the Rideau Waterway, and at each stop along the way, the conversation will expands in different ways to include local voices and discussions of building an equitable, sustainable and inclusive future for Canada.

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THE EXPRESS LEG (May 3 – 10, 2017)
An 8-day paddle on the Rideau waterway from Kingston, ON to Ottawa, ON in a 16 passenger Montreal canoe. 

Wednesday May 3rd – Kingston Mills to Seeley’s Bay (0 – 30 km)
Thursday May 4th – Seeley’s Bay to Westport (30–70km)
Friday May 5th – Westport to Perth (70–103km)
Saturday May 6th – Perth to Smiths Falls (90–105 km)
Sunday May 7th – Smiths Falls to Merrickville (105–128 km)
Monday May 8th –  Merrickville to Kemptville (128–151 km)
Tuesday May 9th – Kemptville to Manotick (151- 175 km)
Wednesday May 10th – Manotick to Dow’s Lake (175–204 km)

A pre-conference activity for Community Foundations of Canada delegates in iconic Canadian style paddled watercraft; from the West (an 18 passengerHaida dugout style canoe), from the North (a 16-passenger skin-on-frame Inuit Umiaq),as well as from the Center/East a Canot du Maitre.
  • Thursday May 11th – Ceremonial Paddle from Dow’s Lake to the Westin Hotel (204–211 km)

On-the-water with words, music, and activity celebrating canoes and Canada!

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Thank you to our Connected by Canoe sponsors and partners!